July 28, 2017

In this sermon, Katy explains what being created in the image of God has to do with your ability to hear God's voice. 

March 7, 2017

It’s hard to believe that I’m almost 37 weeks along in this pregnancy and baby Hadassah could come at any time. The last couple of months have been full of unexpected twists and turns for my husband and I. Just one month ago we moved from Australia back to America afte...

August 7, 2016

Preaching at Influencers Church Australia.

April 3, 2016

Preaching at Influencers Church Australia.

December 13, 2015

Preaching at Influencers Church Australia.

November 15, 2015

There is nothing more intimidating to me than a blank page. I am a writer. It’s what I do. What I’ve done my whole life. Songs, poems, articles, TV shows, devotions, thoughts, quotes, sermons. I write. It’s part of who I am. For fifteen years living in New York City, I...

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